Ecclesiastical Projects

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M.A. & Associates has been involved in church designs extensively. We have designed place of worship for different denominations with most of our designs being divinely inspired to create a space which connects with the spiritual through its form and structure. A balance between the traditional and modern, yet creating spaces that enhances worship in awe inspiring ambience.


Christ Life Ecumenical Centre

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Redemption Family Church

PROJECT Redemption Family Church CLIENT Redemption Family Church CATEGORY Ecclessiatical ARCHITECT MAA View Project

Oritamefa baptist church

PROJECT Oritamefa Baptist Church (OBC) Remodelling CLIENT Oritamefa Baptist Church CATEGORY Ecclessiatical ARCHITECT MAA This project is one of our favorite as well as one of our most challenging. The transformation of the building from its old self to what it has become was quite exhilarating. The OBC building has been in existence since 1969, … View Project

Bowen University Chapel

PROJECT Bowen University Worship Center. CLIENT Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State CATEGORY Ecclessiatical ARCHITECT MAA The design of Bowen University chapel was based on the concept of a tabernacle (like that of the Israelites in the bible), its structure was shaped like a laid down version of the Christian cross which has a vertical and … View Project