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Our client wanted a school which while in Nigeria, would look like a high school anywhere in the world, so Lifeforte was a school designed to have an international look. It was a challenge of globalizing yet localizing, and international school that yet conforms to the environmental requirements of the Nigerian architecture.

How did we achieve this? We designed the school such that all the class levels came In groups with courtyards in between, meaning all Jss1 arms we constructed around a courtyard which avails an interactive space for all the students of that level to come together, and it was so with all the other levels too.

Because the school is on a very steep gradient, we have basements and a lot of creative spaces. The most exciting part for me is the central hall with a capacity of over 1200 people, it acts as a convergence point for all the levels of classes and even the administrative section, and everything seems to come together into the hall, quite an interesting structure.